Team Jolly Roger
Based in Kajaani, Finland

Release date:
18th October, 2019 (PS4, Xbox, Switch) 31st January, 2019 (Steam)

Playstation 4
Xbox One
Nintendo Switch


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Worbital is space war in real-time with tension-filled gameplay and gravitational destruction. Each player commandeers a planet, building support structures and increasingly powerful weapons. Use your weaponry to destroy enemy planets and wreak total havoc to the solar system. The goal: be the last civilization standing!


Worbital is developed by Team Jolly Roger in co-operation with Advanced Interactive Gaming. Spun off from the turn-based Interplanetary, Worbital attempts to realize interplanetary war in real-time, emphasizing hype-filled gameplay and gravitational destruction. It is unshackled from the grounded and deliberate style of its predecessor, in favor of unrealistic fun.


  • INTERPLANETARY ARTILLERY WARFARE — Exploit the shifting gravity by maneuvering your shots across space to inflict maximum damage on the enemy. Sling asteroids, create black holes, make it rain with solar flares!
  • COSMIC CHAOS — Planets blow up. They might take other planets with them. Then the sun explodes. Then the real fun begins.
  • PREPARATION, BUILDING, TACTICS — Railguns, Lasers, World Rammers, Magnets, Orbit Boosters, Shield Defenses, Attack Ships, Colonizers… Pick your loadout from dozens of unique weapons!
  • 100% PSEUDO-SCIENTIFICALLY ACCURATE — Or: How we learned to stop worrying about realism and love the mayhem.
  • HYPE-FILLED OBLITERATION OF YOUR CLOSE AND DISTANT FRIENDS — Make your opponents scream with perfectly-timed attacks and defenses, and hope they’re still your friends the next day.


Worbital - Action Trailer YouTube

Worbital - Launch Trailer YouTube

Worbital - Announcement Trailer YouTube

Worbital - Beta Trailer YouTube

Worbital - Reveal Teaser YouTube


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wrb_Xbox_Orgata II.png
Worbital - Nuclear Missile.png
Worbital - Seismic Blast.png
wrb_Xbox_Planets Collide.png
Worbital - Cataclysm.png
Worbital-space background.png
Worbital - Swap.png
wrb_Xbox_Fusion Cannon.png
Worbital - Laser.png
Worbital-promo_No Logo.png
Worbital - Targeting.png
wrb_Xbox_Solar Laser.png
Worbital - Solar Sphere.png
Worbital - Planet Explosion.png
Worbital - Critical Sun.png
Worbital - Gatling Cannon.png
Worbital - Laser _ Black Hole.png
wrb_Xbox_Star Drive.png
Worbital - Defense Orbs.png

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Selected Articles

  • "[...]I truly adore Worbital for what it is, and I can definitely say that I have not played a game quite like it before."
    - The Schmaltzy Cynic, Save or Quit
  • "It would be impossible to describe all the scenarios I’ve encountered in my playtime. Suffice it to say, every match is a potential surprise."
    - Joseph Pugh, Gideon's Gaming
  • "From the enjoyment of shooting down an incoming missile to leaving a planet just before it detonates into destructive shards, there’s a lot of minutia baked into the game that should keep single-players satisfied, and competitive-minded ones overjoyed."
    - Robert Allen, Tech-Gaming

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About Team Jolly Roger

A jolly good dev team, smack dab in the heart of Finland. We make games. Mostly Interplanetary, at the moment.

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Worbital Credits

Niklas Saari
Team Lead, Team Jolly Roger

Tarita Tammela
Graphic Artist, Team Jolly Roger

Teemu Tammela
Programmer, Team Jolly Roger

Antti Tikkakoski
Programmer, Team Jolly Roger

Jussi Hyttinen
Programmer, Team Jolly Roger

Olli Leinonen
Programmer, Team Jolly Roger

Marko Keronen
Programmer, Team Jolly Roger

Alisa Moilanen
Programmer, Team Jolly Roger

Atte Vuorinen
Programmer, Team Jolly Roger

Jukka Kivijärvi
Graphic Artist, Team Jolly Roger

Tomi Tammela
Graphic Artist, Team Jolly Roger

Sasu Kemppainen
Designer, Team Jolly Roger

Valeriya Paykacheva
Marketing Coordinator, Team Jolly Roger

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